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Vitamix Accessories Vs Blendtec Accessories

by Brendon Thadeus on 4:52 am

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vitamix tamperPurchasing a high quality kitchen blender is a smart choice- with a quality blender you are able to make healthy, delicious foods for your family.  By now, you may already be using your new blender for smoothies, juices, fresh nut butters, and grinding grains for flour.  But did you know that your blender is good for many other things?  Both Vitamix and Blendtec make a line of accessories that turn can help your blender replace many other kitchen gadgets.  When it comes to vitamix vs blentec blenders, what accessories are the most necessary?

Blendtec Accessories

After you purchase a Blendtec blender, one of the first things you will want to consider buying is an extra pitcher or two.  There are a number of different pitchers available, so you can purchase a spare jar like the one you already have or a different style for different foods.  Having a second pitcher allows you to make different foods without stopping in between to clean the pitcher.  For example, you may want to make breakfast smoothies and then blend batter for pancakes or waffles.  Blendtec offers a space saver jar so you can purchase several and then stack them up.  Other jars are made of lighter weight material than the original pitcher so that they are easier to handle.

You may also want to consider purchasing additional lids for your blender pitchers.  Blendtec makes both hard and soft lids that you can use for different blending applications.  This might not be as important as having an extra pitcher, but it is something to consider.

Another must-have accessory for the Blendtec blender is the “Little Red Rinser.”  The Little Red Rinser is designed to make cleaning your Blendtec pitcher quick and easy.  Simply attach the rinser to a water source, and then run it under your pitcher to get a clean pitcher in just minutes.  Due to its high-horsepower engine, the Blendtec is noticeably louder than less expensive blenders, and so some people find that the noise can be a concern.  To solve that problem, Blendtec offers a noise reducer blender, essentially a blender with a shell that fits around the Blendtec to help muffle the noise.  Be prepared to pay though; this blender is expensive.

Vitamix Accessories

Vitamix also offers a line of accessories that will make your blender even more useful.  Just like the Blendtec, Vitamix offers additional blender carafes that increase the number of ways you can use your blender.  Dry blade containers are perfect for grinding grains and kneading dough, while the wet blade pitchers are great for smoothies and liquids.

If you use your Vitamix for smoothies or juicing, the Vitamix wet pitcher with two part lid allows you to add ingredients while blending for that perfect smoothie.

Another great feature that is available for the Vitamix is the permanent soft ice cream agitator which is ideal for milkshakes.  If you use your blender often, you may also want to purchase the foot control for the Vitamix, which gives you the ability to turn the blender on and off while keeping your hands free for other tasks.

For cleaning the Vitamix, you can purchase a specially shaped brush which is designed to remove stubborn particles and clean the blender pitcher in just a few minutes with a little soap and water.

Another item that can help you keep the blender pitcher clean is the Vitamix nut removal wrench, designed to allow you to easily remove the blade assembly for cleaning or replacement which can save you money over replacing these items.  If you plan to take advantage of the Vitamix’s ability to chop large pieces of food, you will want to consider purchasing a tamper- a specially designed implement that helps push food toward the blades to ensure consistent blending.

Purchasing accessories for your high quality blender will help you get the best use of the machine.  Having extra pitchers means that you will never have to wait to prepare different foods and will allow you to combine ingredients in advance for rapid blending later on.  And by adding additional items, you will find that your blender becomes the most used appliance in your kitchen.  You have already made a smart purchase by choosing the best quality blenders in the industry, now add the accessories that will help your blender perform at its peak.

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