Magic Bullet vs. NutriBullet

I have composed widely on this site about all the Nutribullet blender models available subsequent to utilizing their item throughout the previous 4 years. My first prologue to slug blenders was the Enchantment Magic Bullet years prior and I understood that I have never truly thought about Enchantment Shot versus Nutribullet blenders.

In this Nutribullet versus Enchantment Magic Bullet audit, I will cover every one of the points of interest you have to know to enable you to settle on what is the best shot blender display for your necessities.

Magic Bullet vs. Nutribullet Brands

The two items are made by a similar organization, Country Housewares. The Enchantment Slug was the main Magic Bullet blender and turned out to be tremendously fruitful through its prevalent infomercials.

A long time later the organization presented its all the more intense Nutribullet blender line.

There is one primary Enchantment Shot blender show however there are numerous Nutribullet blender models. I will confine this correlation with the Enchantment Magic Bullet versus the most minimal controlled Nutribullet demonstrates called the 600. (Alternate blenders in the “Enchantment Shot” product offering are the Scaled down Slug, Juice Magic Bullet, and Infant Slug which we aren’t getting into this survey as they don’t offer an indistinguishable usefulness from the fundamental Enchantment Shot blender) .

Enchantment Shot and Nutribullet blenders basically play out similar assignments, for example, sustenance prep, dicing, smoothies, and blending shakes, yet there is a discernible distinction in execution which I examine underneath.

NOTE – Magic Bullet mugs and frill are NOT tradable with Nutribullet as Nutribullet blenders are more extensive with bigger cutting edges.

Magic Bullet Review

Promoted as a blender and sustenance processor in one, it is controlled by a 250 watt engine and has comparative outline includes as the Nutribullet. It is intended to be reduced and easy to utilize. Enchantment Magic Bullet offers numerous frill bundles. In the event that you purchase coordinate from the organization they offer the 11 piece set (Demonstrate: MBR-1101) which accompanies one cutting edge and three blending cups (12oz and 18 oz limit). You can locate indistinguishable bundle at most extensive retailers from well as a couple different varieties.

The other variety are the 17 piece Express Blending set bundle (Show: MBR-1701) which accompanies an extra blade (flat processing edge) and more glasses. The Enchantment Slug has a standard 1 year guarantee and a formula book. Here is the manual with different formulas to give you a thought of what you can make with the blender.

The different Enchantment Slug mugs are the same and simply separated by their ability. The two sharp edges are the (1) Cross cutting edge for blending, grinding and cleaving and (2) Level Edge for processing, whipping, and pounding. If you will factory or granulating then the level sharp edge is certainly worth having.

Positives: Exceptionally smaller (12 inches tall with glass x 4.75 inch distance across) and fine for little sustenance prep and basic blending occupations. Perfect for the periodic client who needs a little machine for basic nourishment prep, granulating espresso or nuts, and essential blending employments. Reasonably estimated.

Negatives: The 250 watt engine can restrain the execution when blending smoothies or purees. For instance, it will battle to legitimately blend solidified natural products, seeds, sinewy vegetables, and ice. The limit of the tall glass is 18 ounces which can be constraining when you are making smoothies. Client audits are blended about dependability as the Enchantment Slug’s plan is lighter review contrasted with the Nutribullet so parts can break. The execution for blending smoothies can be conflicting.

Overall Opinion: The Enchantment Shot was one of a kind when it was first presented and there are currently other comparable modest contenders like the Bella Rocket blender, however the Enchantment Slug keeps on being a buyer most loved at a good cost. The infomercial influences it to look quite astonishing however customers ought to comprehend that the engine and limit is constrained. When you contrast the Enchantment Shot with the Nutribullet 600 you can truly observe the distinction in construct quality and execution. By and large, the MB is fine for basic blending errands and little sustenance prep occupations however actually I would pick the Nutribullet 600 which I survey underneath.

Nutribullet Product Review

The Nutribullet product offering was presented as an all the more great move up to the Enchantment Slug. The two blenders work precisely the same with comparable plan. However, the Nutribullet gives a perceptible change over the Enchantment Slug. It is simply somewhat bigger than the Enchantment Slug.

The Nutribullet 600 is the most reduced controlled Nutribullet blender with 600 watts which is around 2.5 times more ground-breaking than the Enchantment Shot. The all the more great Nutribullet 600 has a bigger limit 24 oz glass versus the Enchantment shot and furthermore accompanies an extractor sharp edge and processing edge. The Nutribullet NBR-12 is a 12 piece set that accompanies 2 sharp edges, one Tall 24oz glass, two 18oz short mugs, formula book and different container extras.

Positives: The Nutribullet 600 outflanks the Enchantment blender with regards to pureeing sustenance for smoothies or pounding hard ingredients. It keeps on being a best offering Nutribullet model and it is the main Nutribullet show that incorporates their prevalent level pounding sharp edge which can undoubtedly process grains, nuts, and seeds (Related video: Nutribullet granulating flaxseed).

Negatives: While the surveys are for the most part great on the Nutribullet 600, there are a few grumblings about holes and about the tabs on the containers breaking after some time. I have utilized a Nutribullet 600 for a long time and never had any issues. Commonly issues can happen if you overload the jug with an excess of fluid, don’t screw the sharp edge on tight, and don’t keep the engine base perfect and free of dried sustenance. NOTE – Nutribullet refreshed the washer outline on the cutting edges since the underlying presentation of this model so some more seasoned audits probably won’t be significant.

Overall Opinion: The Nutribullet is a major change over the Enchantment slug for blending results and the nature of development. Also, NutriBullet bigger 24oz holder is more valuable for feast estimate smoothies versus Enchantment Magic Bullet’s little 18 oz bump.

For execution, the Nutribullet can deal with blending hard vegetables, nut spread, seeds, and solidified organic products, though the Enchantment will battle at finely blending those ingredients. The 600 model keeps on being a purchaser most loved and offers decent execution at the cost.

Final Thoughts

The Enchantment Shot if fine you need a little blender to do basic blending errands like pureeing child sustenance, light nourishment prep, and delicate ingredient smoothies. While, the Nutribullet offers a genuine change in blending execution and abilities.

The Enchantment blender feels somewhat “dainty” to me for a blender and manufacture quality simply isn’t in the same class as the Nutribullet blender line; however there are numerous buyers who like the Enchantment blender. For every one of the reasons recorded above, I would pick the Nutribullet 600 particularly if you will make smoothies.