Vitablend vs. Ninja

It’s a great opportunity to think about two of the most well known blenders available. Here, we investigate the Ninja Auto iQ and the Vitablend S30 – in this 2017 refreshed Vitamix versus ninja survey.

Ninja put a considerable measure of exertion into their promoting; from captivating infomercials to big name supports. Be that as it may, can the item extremely satisfy the promotion? Or then again will the trusty Vitamix surpass its impressive adversary?

Find reality for yourself as we plunge into this survey.

Ninja vs. Vitablend Performance

When we buy a blender, what we truly need are thick smoothies, delectable hot soups, sound nut spreads and cool, fruity sorbets. In this way, enough of the specialized stuff, it’s a great opportunity to discover how well these blenders toll in real life.

It merits saying here that the two blenders are very equipped for creating some awesome, scrumptious smoothies. Picking ingredients should come simple, as the two blenders accompany a helpful flyer of recommended formulas to kick you off. In any case, as each smoothie devotee knows, there are a few ingredients and blends which exhibit a test to everything except the plain best blenders.


Both the Vitamix and the Ninja perform well while liquidizing extreme veg, for example, kale and carrots, however the outcomes from the Vitablend were somewhat better. In the same way as other less expensive blenders, the Ninja Auto iQ does not process seeds flawlessly so organic product smoothies may have a little surface to them: this will trouble a few clients more than others, so is significant in the event that you like your smoothies extremely smooth.

The Vitablend also delivers much smoother results with nut spreads and solidified natural product sorbets, halfway because of the convenient alter which is an incredible help when preparing dryer blends.


The Ninja machine conveys a notice against blending hot fluids so it not appropriate for making moment hot soup. It could be utilized to blend arranged vegetables or thick stew that has just cooled into a smooth soup for capacity and re-warming. Be that as it may, moment hot soup is a no-run with the Ninja. The Vitamix will blend hot fluid into a smooth soup without issues.

In this Vitamix versus ninja challenge, we’ve discovered that both blenders perform well with regards to the green smoothie challenge. If you just arrangement on making green smoothies alone; you needn’t bother with the Vitamix.

If you’d jump at the chance to accomplish more with your blender, for example, make hot soups, rich deserts and crisp salsa – the Vitablend is definitely justified even despite the speculation! It might cost all the more yet the things you can do will knock your socks off as it did when I began exploring different avenues regarding mine.

Design, Quality & Price


The Ninja Auto iQ is made in China, while the Vitablend is made appropriate here in the USA. While this does not really correspond to quality, it is at some point pleasant to manage an organization that has kept their generation neighborhood.

One of the key contrasts between the two machines can be seen when you analyze the fabricate quality. Ninja utilizes plastic and elastic for their container connector, drive attachments, and cutting edge associations. The shoddy plastic parts are probably going to wear rapidly and won’t be secured under the Ninja’s constrained guarantee. The more costly Vitamix utilizes metal parts, making it significantly more vigorous and strong.

Cups and Bowls

The hardened steel glass that goes with the Ninja Auto iQ is twofold protected and intended to keep a smoothies chilly for up to 4 hours. Be that as it may, the dividers of the glass show up very thin and, practically speaking, the warmth/cool inside transfers rapidly to the outside of the container, making it hard to hold. Another issue with this glass is the hazy dividers which make it hard to screen the blending.

The Ninja’s unmistakable plastic glass does not have the twofold walled protection. It appears this is where more isn’t better: both Ninja glasses neither have their place however nor is extremely tasteful all alone. The Vitamix machine accompanies a solitary, clear, twofold walled protected glass which truly does all that you require it to.

It is also significant that the Ninja 48oz multi serve bowl requires filling from the tight base, as opposed to the more extensive best end. It also does not have a pouring spout: not a gigantic issue but rather simply one more little niggle. The plan of the Ninja blender all in all does not influence the client to encounter as simple as it could be.

Ease of Use

The control board on the Ninja accompanies a decent assortment of choices; the keypad includes a Begin/Stop catch, nearby Smooth Lift, Concentrate, Blend, Heartbeat and Low, and a clock to tally down blending times (a valuable element). The Vitablend S30 accompanies only one control handle, numbered from 1-10 and with a heartbeat choice, making it substantially less intricate to work than the Ninja.

The elastic gasket seal is anything but difficult to expel from the Vitamix for cleaning, however the close of the Ninja does not come effortlessly. This makes careful cleaning troublesome and could prompt defilement after some time.
The greatest contrast in this Ninja versus Vitablend standoff is the cost. The Vitamix S30 is more than double the cost of the Ninja Auto iQ when acquired new, getting a repaired Vitamix through an ensured provider, for example, Amazon will altogether bring down cost.

The less expensive Ninja machine also accompanies a greater scope of containers and sharp edges, which may be sufficient to swing the choice for a few purchasers. In any case, the explanation behind the distinction in cost can be seen when the assemble quality and execution of the two machines is analyzed one next to the other.


Both the Vitamix S30 and the Ninja Auto iQ accompany a multiyear guarantee from the maker however the terms are somewhat unique.

The multiyear guarantee on the Ninja is restrictive; you have to get it from the official site to get the full term. And, after its all said and done, you won’t be secured for wear and tear and the mugs, bowl and cutting edges are barred. Sending and taking care of will be your obligation. Also, a claim on the base of the blender will naturally decrease your underlying 7 long stretches of cover to 2 years.

The Vitamix offers a slight better arrangement, with 7 long periods of cover on everything in the container. They will cover shipping and a claim won’t influence the guarantee time frame. This, joined with the unrivaled nature of the parts, implies that you can rest guaranteed that you will have an extraordinary working blender for a long, long time.

Our Pick

Regardless of a couple of clever highlights, the unmistakable victor in the ninja versus Vitamix banter is the Vitablend S30. It is a top notch, strong machine that is upheld up by an incredible 7-year ensure. In particular, it outflanks the Ninja Auto iQ in all zones.

If you require a decent blender for essential smoothies then the Ninja Auto iQ will carry out the activity and do it well. In any case, if you need an incredible blender that will take all that you toss at it and liquidize it into a delightful tidbit, at that point the Vitablend S30 is definitely justified even despite the additional pennies. The amazing form will guarantee numerous long stretches of utilization, and will influence the additional cost to appear to be unimportant.